Portrait 2 - Abstract of Landscape, 1 of 2


This is one half of a collaborative set by two artists together. This one is the right side, standing at 56" tall, 50" wide and 2" deep, is acrylic on canvas painted by Jeremy Messer. As a set it would be alongside its equal in size painted by Eugene, Oregon local Artist, Clint Ochotny, a long time friend of Jeremy Messer's. 

The two collaborated to make their paintings simultaneously standing both canvases side by side and even succeeded in connecting their landscapes, from Clint's city-scape, to flow into Jeremy’s more rural countryside scenes.


The piece being sold is Jeremy’s, as an individual item.


Email info@jeremymesserart.com for more information about speaking to Clint Ochotny if you'd like to purchase the full set or just his painting.