Community Caring

Published on 9 July 2024 at 09:23

It has been a fun July painting the neighborhood murals with Diana, Teresa, and Liz, as well as passerbys willing to pick up a paint brush, and friends coming by to add a little as well. We are truly blessed by this caring community, and I feel especially blessed to be given resources and encouragement to do something good for Springfield, my home.

Huge shout out to Diana for supplying paint, time and energy, and for commissioning with the network of neighbors the murals we all now get to enjoy!


Thank you Diana, you are spectacular!

A few children came around and helped paint flowers, and my son got on it with the roller to help out, too!

Comments and likes on Facebook and Nextdoor have shown amazing support from the entire community as they watch it come alive, thank you all for your continued and encouraging support!

I wonder exactly how many flowers are on there 😀 might be fun to count now that it's done!

Greatest thanks to my beautiful mother for her time, energy, and loving support with this project. She really is the best Mom!

Beautiful flowers painted by beautiful ladies!

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