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Published on 14 April 2024 at 10:16

Born in Idaho, Jeremy Allen Messer moved to Springfield Oregon in his teen years and has been deeply connected with family, friends, and active in his Lane County community for over two decades. 

Disabled at the age of six where he'd suffered an accidental head injury from the bullet of a gun, Jeremy and his family were told he would never walk again, and that he would never be able to use the creative side of his brain.


Strongly supported by family, and friends, he responded to such adversities with an attitude that surmounted these obstacles, championing himself to both an active lifestyle and creative endeavors. 


Jeremy's love of art has been being honed since 2022 as he began using acrylics to expand his creative skills and express his unique, beautiful vision of the world.


He appreciates the works of Van Gogh, Monet, Picasso to name a few, and he also follows many new contemporary artists online. His own portfolio is as richly diverse as the man himself, ranging from studies in color schemes, abstract, expressionist, and impressionist styles, and new age pouring techniques, blowing paint, added-texture for mixed mediums, wood, metal, cloth, and more.


Jeremy dives into new art-ventures enthusiastically, working on his favorite styles and studies as well as new ideas that interest him, and he has both had  collaborative works with other local artists and explored different new ideas to express himself. That includes his own handcrafted unique "pallets", and homemade canvases. Jeremy desires to pursue all there is to paint and continuously works on his own goals.


One of Jeremy's newest art-ventures is to share his original artwork and prints with his local community. You can now find him at a booth in Eugene Oregon's weekly Saturday Farmer's Market from 10am to 4pm, starting April 20th, 2024, and you'll also find him charming, personable, and down to earth.


To know Jeremy is to love Jeremy, and he is known and loved by many, and is welcoming to many more.

Come enjoy the artwork, an awesome extension of Jeremy Messer, and see for yourself the wonderful gifts he so openly shares for you.

Unique Pallet, 2023 by Jeremy Allen Messer of Springfield, Oregon

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